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Structural Analysis

Theory and calculation of beam-, plate- and shell-like structures, modeling of structures, adaptivity, structural modeling with respect to dimensions, coupling of different structures.


Numerical Methods

Development of numerical methods, e. g. FEM- and REM-methods, calculations of structures(especially thin walled, e.g. shells, folded structures,  vessels, tanks) with material- and geometrical non-linear behavior (e. g. stability, ultimate load), development of element formulations, algorithms, error analysis, quality management, reliability and robustness of models. Composite Structures2D/3D modeling, Fiber reinforced polymer materials, "Rebar"-formulation, damage concepts, e. g. crack propagation, delaminations. Homogenisation - coupling of micro- and macrostructures.



Development of piezoelectrical structural elements within the finite element method, beam, shell and brick elements. Consideration of geometrical and material non-linearities, development of material laws with hysteresis-effects in case of polarisation. Modeling and simulation of Smart Structures e.g. piezoelectrical actuators and sensors, also in the field of MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems).


Measuring Technique and Building and Construction Industry

Measuring at buildings and components also under special conditions (works conditions, high pressures and temperatures), experimental tension analysis, load examinations.