Institute for Structural Analysis




Starting from the relation of railway systems, bridge-building and associated static and constructive questions the origins of the Institute for Structural Analysis reach far back. A brief history gives interesting insights and relations here.

Within teaching the tasks of the institute for Structural Analysis are at the intersection point of basics and practical applications in civil engineering. Starting from the theoretical foundations of mechanics and mathematics the transformation and application to practical problems is shown.

The research activities of the Institute for Structural Analysis are in a wide range. Besides the classic research in  theory, modeling and calculation of beam, plate, and shell like structures using computational methods with special consideration of stability and ultimate load behaviour also modern materials like fibre composite materials and their use e.g. in the field of light weight structures as well as piezo-electric components are  examined. Here, especially the consistent coupling between the static/mechanical and the electrical effects are investigated within the associated FE-models. Furthermore measuring techniques can be carried out for the measuring of temperatures, components with respect to high pressure as well as experimental stress analyses and ultimate load tests.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. W.Wagner
Dr.-Ing. M. Fina