Starting with railway systems, bridge engineering and the associated structural analysis and design, the origins of the Institute for Structural Analysis go far back. A brief history provides interesting insights and relations.

The Institute for Structural Analysis is part of the Department of Civil Engineering, Geo and Environmental Sciences and contributes to the Bachelor and Master programs in Civil Engineering and Engineering Structures. Our teaching tasks contain structural analysis of truss, beam, plate and shell structures as well as uncertainty quantification, artificial neural networks and optimization in structural mechanics. The teaching focus is on computational approaches. Starting from the theoretical foundations of mathematics and mechanics, the formulation and solution of problems and practical applications in structural mechanics is pursued.

Our research activities are related to a wide range of topics in structural mechanics. We are focusing on numerical simulations with uncertain data to assess the safety and the reliability of engineering structures. Beside stress and deformation analyses, the stability and the load bearing capacity of structures is investigated. To reduce the computation time up to real-time applications, we are using and developing machine learning approaches, especially based on artificial neural networks. We are also using artificial intelligence for material modelling and for the optimization of structures and processes. Furthermore, we are working on the combination of data-driven and simulation-based methods in structural mechanics.

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Contact Persons:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steffen Freitag
Dr.-Ing. Marc Fina